A wolf being made

As I mentioned in my earlier post I got an order for an owl and a wolf. I documented the making of the wolf, and thought I would share it with you.
Here goes:


At first I used a Styrofoam ball that I cut in half, and then used wallpaper adhesive and part of an empty toilet roll to shape the nose. The Styrofoam ball part was also covered in paper clay.


More toilet roll parts were used to shape the ears, and I added paper clay around the nose part to smooth it out.


Then I covered the ears with paper clay, and shaped the nose a bit further.


The last modelling step was to add eyes and details.

And then I painted and added varnish:




Last step is shipping!


Owl as Christmas tree ornament


I got an order for making an owl and a wolf, and started out with the owl. I modelled it based on owl pictures that, for some reason or the other, caught my attention.
(Well, to be precis, before modelling it I made its eyes and beak from polymer clay.)

Then I painted it:




It did not turn out as the happiest owl in the world, but it does match the angry snowman in the background. I have not attached screw eye to the owl yet, and I will ask the buyer if she want me add shiny varnish, but otherwise I consider it done.

Candle holders


Yesterday I brought home my candle holder creatures that I made in an open pottery class I go to. I repeatedly forgot to bring a candle to the class while creating them, so I ended up making the size of the hole based on a mix of memory and guess. That was pretty doomed to fail, but with a bit of carving the candles actually fits! Sometimes you are lucky.


New figurine based on a child’s drawing

This is another figurine I made based on a child’s drawing. The child in question is my niece, and I wish I could have made her hair better justice. It is crazy fun!

My niece is not crazy putting burning candles on the head of herself (it is a self portrait), as she is dressed for Lucia. It is a traditional celebration the 13th of December in Sweden, you can learn more about it here below.

First sale on Etsy!

julgranskula_05_litenI created an Etsy shop two weeks ago, and am filling it up with Christmas ornaments as I make them. It is quite time consuming to make one though, so there are not so many yet. I got three snowmen and a cat so far. Up until this morning I also had a pig, but today I made my first sale!
This sour piggy was the first one to leave the nest. I dropped it off at the post office, and am hoping for an uneventful trip. Bye piggy!

Here is my shop: Dockisar

Turning a child’s drawing into a figurine

I trying out making figurines based on children’s drawings. I am trying to stay as true to the original as possible, which is quite a challenge! Look at those legs for example, I was struggling a lot with them, and am not particularly happy with the outcome.
Anyway, this is the picture that Vicente drew:


I started out making a rough body based on the drawing in papier-mâché:


When the papier-mâché had dried I was using paper clay to make the figurine smoother and more detailed. Then I painted it (sorry, forgot to take a picture of this stage).
As the last step I gave the poor thing “cement shoes”:


This is how it turned out:


Foosball makeover!

They found a foosball game outside of my cohabitant’s workplace, and as part of making it functional, an unnecessary part to be honest, the players should be shaped up.
First step was to clean them.


A short program in the dishwasher seemed like a very clever idea, but did not turn out to be the best solution. Some of them got a bit stained. It did not matter much though, as they were to experience a make over worthy any daytime television!

My biggest mission with this task was to make the teams more diverse. So I made half of the men into women, where being a woman was defined by having breasts. At the same time I also added some hair and other details.


Looking back at my team now I realise that only have four women out of eleven players, so I figure most of the women ended up in the other team. Bummer.
The plastic surgery was conducted with Sugru, which turned out to be yet another bad idea. The colours were not so keen on sticking to the Sugru’s fatty surface. But with a good primer and a lot of patience we convinced the paint to stay put. And hopefully we sealed it in for good when we added two layers of glossy varnish.

This is how my turned out:


It is not a very coherent team, and I doubt they will play well together. They could not even agree on a what colours to wear! Though Jason being a goalkeeper might lure some people into thinking twice before aiming for the goal. And apparently the guy without shorts has turned out to be really good at scoring, who could have guessed?