Breast animation and reclaiming space

Earlier this year I made an animated clip in stop motion, doing a breast version of the Newton’s cradle. I made the lady out of clay, and the objects around her out of a bit of everything. This is how it turned out:


When I was done I did not want to throw my model away, but had no good place for storing her. So she stayed at the small table that was acting as floor, and that tiny table remained at my hobby table where I had shot the clip. Pretty space consuming!
Now, half a year later, I finally did something about this, and went out and bought a glass dome. I did not find a nice plate in the right size to have as ground, so I ended up using a trivet instead.


Unfortunately the mat broke in the front, but I think she is still sitting comfortably so I don’t care about fixing it. Also, I got my space back!


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I am blogging about different creative projects I do. Sculptures based on children's drawings, Christmas ornament or remodelled and repainted foosball players for example.

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